My Top Wisdoms Learned from a Life of Sales Success - Steven Haggerty and Lynn Whitbeck

My Top Wisdoms Learned from a Life of Sales Success

Behind every great business is a leader or group of leaders driving things forward. But behind every leader is a lifetime of trials and tribulations, of wisdoms learned along the way, as they worked their way forward. Petite2Queen is no different, and our CEO Lynn Whitbeck was happy to share her story in a recent interview with Steven Haggerty at Founders365.

In the new interview, Lynn talks about her two businesses, Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales. Each provides the tools workers and businesses need to achieve more, faster. Through our training sessions and multitude of content, Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales offer a wealth of resources for our readers and clients.

Lynn then dives into her career path and how she moved into – or fell into – her first sales position. She took to sales like a fish takes to water, and quickly rose up. Like her younger brother David, Lynn was always a “go for it” kind of person, further adding to her sales success. As she reveals, sales spoke to her core values and continues to now, years later. This is why she’s such a great teacher in her sales training programs at Future Forward Sales.

From there, Lynn goes into some of her wisdoms learned throughout her years of sales success. She shares plenty of eye-opening tips here, making this interview fully worth checking out!

Watch Steven Haggerty’s full interview with Lynn Whitbeck below:

This interview was first shared by Steven Haggerty on his Founders365 podcast. Steven Haggerty is a business coach, consultant, and entrepreneur. He’s also the host of the terrific podcast, Founders365, all about exploring different founders’ stories and finding out more about the highs, the lows, and the lessons they have learned along their way to success. You can learn more about Steven Haggerty at his website here.

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