5 Secrets to Recharge Your Sales After the Pandemic Detour - with Faye Horton

5 Secrets to Recharge Your Sales After the Pandemic Detour

The COVID-19 pandemic has made – and continues to make – significant impacts on numerous industries and company departments, and that has certainly included sales. How can you adapt your sales and bolster them anew amid the ongoing pandemic? Our returning guest Faye Horton shares her insights on how to recharge on our new podcast.

Watch our podcast with Faye Horton to learn her secrets to recharge during and after the pandemic:

Faye Saxon Horton is a Sales Strategist who has worked in Medicare Sales for more than 20 years. She owns a life insurance agency and helps people break barriers to create consistent residual income with Medicare and Final Expense sales. Faye is the author of three books, including 5 Things That are Killing Your Sales

Surely all of us have noticed that the past year has been tough. This isn’t just in our personal lives; the pandemic has also altered many industries, how we do business, and how we communicate. We’re continuing to see how these changes will affect our future as the pandemic rages on. So, how has COVID affected sales specifically? Faye points out some of the ways sales has needed to change course in response to COVID.

Now that we know what’s changed, let’s talk about how to adapt to this new environment. Faye shares the five secrets to recharge your sales: agility, technology, confidence, flexibility, and originality. She explains why and how each of these power skills will deliver an enormous impact to your sales and how you can implement them in your sales strategy now.

Technology is a major one. How can sales professionals best utilize technology when conducting business? Faye offers insight into the technology that’s currently available and how we can be prepared to utilize emerging technologies.

Faye also offers advice on how sales professionals can regain their confidence after a dip in performance during COVID. It’s easy to feel down and even anxious about your sales results in the past year or two. However, keep in mind that we’ve all been working through some big and unexpected changes, and it will take all of us time to find out footing and determine what works amidst a global pandemic.

Why is originality so important to ask “why,” imagine new possibilities, and develop new opportunities and solutions? Faye shares how being open to new ideas is instrumental in your ability to recharge your sales. She ends our discussion with her best tips and methods that sales professionals can use post-pandemic.

Listen to our interview with Faye on the best methods you can use to recharge your sales today:

To learn more about Faye Horton, visit her official website here. You’ll also want to get her books, AEP SUCCESS: Planning for a Successful AEP, 5 Things That are Killing Your Sales, and Customer Service = Customer Sales, and tune into her podcast, I Sell Medicare Plans. Additionally, you can join her private Facebook group here.

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