These 5 Things are Killing Your Sales; Here's How to Fix Them

These 5 Things are Killing Your Sales; Here’s How to Fix Them

Sales can be tough, and it’s difficult to know how to keep your connections and numbers high. But for all our effort, there are five things sales professionals should watch out for that are killing your sales. Don’t panic just yet though! Because despite those pesky sales-killers, we also have the antidote to fix them. We spoke with Faye Saxon Horton, a sales strategist, about how you can save your sales.

Watch our podcast with Faye Horton below to learn about the five things killing your sales… and how to fix them!

Faye Saxon Horton is a Sales Strategist who has worked in Medicare Sales for more than 20 years. She owns a life insurance agency and helps people break barriers to create consistent residual income with Medicare and Final Expense sales. Faye is the author of three books, including 5 Things That are Killing Your Sales

We start our discussion with a bit of Faye’s backstory and her journey to becoming a sales strategist. Specifically, Faye has worked within Medicare sales for more than two decades, she has written three books, and she’s the host of a podcast. That is quite the resume!

Faye says that there are five major things that are killing sales. What are those things, and how can we correct them? Faye shares them here, outlining what kills sales, why it does, and how to prevent or fix this issue. By knowing what can kill your sales, you’ll be stronger and better enabled to survive it!

The past year has been tough for everyone, and we’re continuing to see how these changes will affect our future. How has COVID affected sales specifically? Faye shares her insights, both on what kinds of changes we’ve seen and are still seeing now, as well as what she predicts will be the lasting effects in the coming months and years.

Technology has been of growing importance for decades, and especially in the past year. How can sales professionals best utilize technology when conducting business? Faye offers advice on what programs and technologies to put into action for real results.

She also shares ways that sales professionals can regain their confidence after a dip in performance during COVID. Sales is a competitive business, and sales professionals are known to work hard and aim high. As such, seeing lower results can be difficult, even if for a good reason that’s out of your control – like a global pandemic. Bruised as your self-esteem may be, Faye has ideas that can help you bounce back with confidence. Faye also offers some of her best tips and methods that sales professionals can use post-pandemic.

Do you want to know how to fix the five things killing your sales? Listen to our podcast with Faye below:

To learn more about Faye Horton, visit her official website here. You’ll also want to get her books, 5 Things That are Killing Your Sales and Customer Service = Customer Sales, and tune into her podcast, I Sell Medicare Plans. Additionally, you can join her private Facebook group here.

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