Why a Chair of Joy Helps You Feel Better Now - Sheryl Lynn

Why a Chair of Joy Helps You Feel Better Now

We all feel negative emotions, from stress to anger to sadness, and this impacts us both in our private life and at work. How can we let go of the negativity and feel better almost instantly? We spoke with Sheryl Lynn, the founder of JOYELY. Through her Chair of Joy, she helps people improve their mood in just 60 seconds, setting them on a better path for the rest of the day. She talks about how to bring a little more joy into your everyday life.

Watch our podcast with Sheryl Lynn to learn how the Chair of Joy can help you today:

Sheryl Lynn is the founder of JOYELY LLC. Sheryl’s leadership ability and experiences help her approach client issues with a practical, solutions-based focus. 

Her experience includes roles as the founder and owner of a successful family-owned consulting firm, where she was the director of marketing and public relations. She was also the business development director for several firms in the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Sheryl led organizations where she worked with business owners and entrepreneurs on their business, marketing and strategic plans, team and leadership development, and creating effective marketing efforts.

As the founder of JOYELY Studios, Sheryl creates mindful practices and experiences to shift the collective consciousness towards making joy the dominant vibration on the planet.  

Sheryl’s touchstone is her Chair of Joy, a beautiful white padded throne with gold trim; she invites executives, thought leaders, musicians, celebrities, politicians, and other influencers to tell stories of what brings them joy while seated either in her Chair or their own — and magic happens pure and simple.

To begin our discussion, Sheryl describes her background in business and what prompted her to start JOYELY. Why is helping people find their joy so important to her? She shares her journey and how she’s already helping people feel more joy now.

Sheryl offers a remarkably straightforward and quick method to achieve a lighter mood. She describes how the Chair of Joy works: what you need, the four-step process, and the instant results. If you follow her steps, you’ll likely feel better right away. You can do the Chair of Joy practice once or multiple times a day – whatever fits your needs and brings you the best outcomes.

The need for the Chair of Joy arose from the kinds of obstacles Sheryl has faced and seen others face. She also explains how to overcome any blocks when you begin practicing your JOYELY method.

We end our discussion with Sheryl’s advice on how to achieve more joy right now. Indeed, anyone listening can start the Chair of Joy practice today.

Listen to our podcast with Sheryl for more on how to feel better now:

To learn more, visit Sheryl Lynn’s official website for JOYELY. You are also welcome to join her weekly J-HOUR virtual call on Mondays. You can follow JOYELY on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and connect with Sheryl Lynn on LinkedIn.

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