How to Turn Your Breakup Into a Breakthrough

How to Turn Your Breakup Into a Breakthrough

Most of us have been there: a relationship comes to a dramatic end and you’re left broken-hearted and alone. Breakups can suck, but they don’t have to be that bad! In fact, they can actually lead to new levels of self-love and confidence. How do you get such a positive change out of something so catastrophic? We spoke to Lady Jasmine Love, who specializes in love and spiritual transformation consulting for single women. She is the author of Healing A Broken Heart: How to Turn Your Breakup into a Breakthrough. Jasmine helps you heal the wounds that are holding you back, unlock your hidden power, raise your vibration, and manifest the abundant life that you were meant to live.

In our new podcast interview, Lady Jasmine Love first walks us through why breakups are so painful. She dives into some of the psychology and science behind it, before using this knowledge to explain what people can do to turn their breakup into a breakthrough.

Finally, Jasmine offers advice on how to determine whether or not you should have contact with an ex, and how to deal when you need to be in contact with them.

Before we dive into all these answers, Lady Jasmine Love has two special bonuses to share. First up, be sure to check out her book, Healing A Broken Heart: How to Turn Your Breakup into a Breakthrough. You can get a free excerpt of the book here. Trust us: After reading that snippet, you’ll definitely want to read the rest of the book!

Secondly, who else out there agrees that breakups often require a good playlist to get you through it? Lady Jasmine Love put together this playlist for anyone trying to get over an ex. Hear the perfect breakup songs from the likes of Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and more.

Check out the full playlist below:

In need of some more good breakup songs? Check out our own playlist featuring 68 of our favorite kiss-off anthems and lovesick ballads here!

In case you’d like to get in touch with Lady Jasmine Love, be sure find her on Facebook here:

And now, without further ado, we present our full interview with Lady Jasmine Love about how to turn your breakup into a breakthrough.

Listen to the podcast interview below:

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