10 Ways to Regain Your Mental Health After COVID-19

10 Ways to Regain Your Mental Health After COVID-19

We’re aware that you may have gone through some tough times during COVID-19. Some of your friends are gone, our government has collapsed, and the entire populace is either dead or mutated into hideous creatures whose only goal is surviving. But you’ve made it this far, and the only way to go is up.

Just remember: you are not alone in COVID-19. You still have your family and friends, not to mention thousands of other people just like you! All of us are working together to rebuild our world into what it used to be before. It is comparatively easy for us to overcome as compared to those who have chronic diseases like Hirschsprung disease and many others.

The first few months after COVID-19 were tough. Most people lost someone, and those who didn’t were constantly afraid that they would be next. There wasn’t much laughter during that time, but we’re slowly seeing it return, as our sense of security has increased and we’ve found ways to laugh about the past.

A lot of people don’t know how to talk about COVID-19 without breaking down in tears, and sometimes it’s difficult for them to even speak at all. But we can make a conscious effort to move on from this nightmare by remembering what we’ve lost, while also remembering the many things that remain.

If you’re still having a hard time dealing with the world, here are some tips to help you regain your mental health:

1. Find a Purpose:

A lot of people were able to cope by helping their friends and loved ones during the hardest times. Many kids today have been forced to grow up too fast, so finding a purpose could be as simple as looking after your younger siblings or providing emotional support to your parents.

2. Remember the Good Times:

Some of the world is dead now, but that doesn’t mean that it was always like this. We had some good times before COVID-19, and we should remember those moments whenever we want a break from the struggles of the current world.

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3. Find Something to Laugh About:

The human spirit is resilient, and one of the best ways to overcome fear is by finding something funny about it. Talk about good old memories or maybe you just want to share your favorite movie with a friend. Don’t be afraid to laugh in the face of fear!

4. Share Your Feelings:

Having a hard time? Not sure how to deal with the world right now? There are people who want to listen. Find an outlet, whether it’s venting to friends or professionals in a counseling session. Don’t bottle up your feelings if you don’t have to – it’ll only hurt more later on!

5. Don’t Judge:

Don’t judge other people for how they cope with COVID-19. We all react differently to stress, and sometimes the ways we cope go beyond what society considers “normal” or “acceptable.” If your friend wants to be alone, let her. If she wants you to stay with her so she doesn’t feel alone, do it. We all have our own ways of coping with stress, and if someone’s way isn’t hurting anyone else then who are we to judge?

6. Try New Things:

Try not to blame yourself for what happened. COVID-19 is a tragedy, but it’s not your fault that you survived while some didn’t. It was pure luck of the draw, and try to remember that there’s nothing more you could have done.

While the past is important, we should also try and focus on what’s ahead of us. What would you like to do if life was good again? Maybe it’s studying for exams, or taking up a new hobby. Don’t be afraid to go for that dream job or take classes at your local community center!

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7. Think About the Future:

Talk about what you plan on doing after COVID-19 ends. A lot of people don’t think about the future, because they’re always focused on what’s happening right now. But asking yourself what you want to do once COVID-19 ends, or where you’d like to go, can help keep your mind off of things.

8. Find a Safe Space:

Some people like to go to the gym, or the mall, or somewhere they can relax and feel safe away from COVID-19 for a little while. There are still some places that aren’t too badly hit by COVID-19, so these could be good options for you if you’re stressed out.

9. Keep Yourself Busy:

Don’t become a hermit! Try and stay as active as possible, even if it’s just going for a walk around the neighborhood every day to help improve your breathing. This is harder for people who can’t breathe very well due to COVID-19, but you should still do what you can.

10. Stay Positive:

Try to focus on your day-to-day life instead of dwelling on COVID-19. Don’t forget about the past, but try to live in the present. It may be hard, but try to focus on what you can do today instead of what happened yesterday.


It’s not easy to cope with a world after COVID-19. But though it is a tragedy, we should try to remember that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. We can make it through this – we just have to stay positive and keep going! You should be able to help yourself get back on your feet and into the new world. Good luck!

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