How to Empower Yourself and Create Successful Financial Rewards

How to Empower Yourself and Create Successful Financial Rewards

Here at Petite2Queen, we would like to think that women today are more proactive than ever when it comes to their finances. Understand long-term goals and investments. Plan for emergencies and eventualities like illness and death. Doing these things gives power and control to women over their lives. So, let’s talk about money!

How many of you manage your own finances? A shocking majority of women – even millennial women – defer most financial planning to their spouses, but that’s neither wise nor safe. Special guest Shoba Sriaiyer, a financial advisor at UBS, joins Lynn and Rachel in explaining how you will see financial rewards when you can take back some control.

Watch our webinar on how you can empower yourself and create financial rewards. We all need to understand our finances, and with these tips – courtesy of UBS financial advisor Shoba Sriaiyer, you’ll be one step closer to where you need to be.


Looking for more information? The PDF below, supplied by UBS, dives deep into the realities of today’s women and their involvement in finances. It ends with three actions you should take today.

UBS Own Your Worth Report

Shoba brings our audience experience in the largest capital markets of the world, Tokyo and New York. She moved with Goldman Sachs from Japan to New York to pursue a role in management. She has extensive experience as a Financial Advisor managing complex financial issues for individuals, families, and corporations. Shoba creates and implements sophisticated Financial Planning and Wealth Management solutions and strategies for her clients.

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