Organizing for Death, Life, and the Future -- Julie Coraccio

Organizing for Death, Life, and the Future

What do death, emotions, and the environment have in common? If you guessed “organization,” you’re right! Do you know where your advanced directive, will, and death plan are? How can you organize your emotions while organizing your home? And as you’re putting everything in its place, how can you make sure that you’re being kind to the planet? We talked with Julie Coraccio about all this and more! Julie is a holistic professional life organizer and the “Chief Possibility Officer” of Reawaken Your Brilliance.

Listen to our interview with Julie Coraccio in the podcast below to learn all about life, death, and planning for your future:

When Julie talks about organizing for death, she covers everything from getting your legal documents in order, coordinating your funeral or memorial, and providing guidance for your online afterlife. Our conversation even touches on Swedish Death Cleaning! COVID-19 has reminded many of us of our mortality, and it’s never too early to start organizing for your final destination. Julie’s advice can help you begin this journey.

All this talk of death can make a person emotional! Julie’s work also includes helping people organize the clutter in their hearts and heads. Often, decluttering can mean letting go of things that belonged to loved ones before us – but that doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty! Fond memories live in your mind, not the cheap dish set your grandmother received for her wedding in 1958. You don’t have to feel bad about donating that sequin top you bought on impulse three years ago, either.

As you’re compiling a binder of death documents and deciding which sweaters need new homes, you might be wondering how you can put everything away without harming the environment. After all, when we think about ~*~organizing~*~, we often envision plastic boxes, plastic bins, plastic folders, plastic pins…! Do we really need to buy a minivan-full of petrochemicals to live an organized life? Julie says no! She knows all kinds of ways to organize that are eco-friendly, and she uses Earth911 to learn how to dispose of those items that can’t be donated.

Organizing for death, emotional wellness, and the Earth might seem like an overwhelming process, but Julie has you covered. Our conversation is replete with advice and perspectives that will help you take it all in stride. Listen to the podcast above!

If you want to connect with Julie Coraccio, you can check out her official website. You can also listen to her podcast Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out, and read her book of the same name!

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