Your Story of Change - Dance with Your Past to Surge Forward

Your Story of Change: Dance with Your Past to Surge Forward

We all have a past, and many of us want the ability to change the course of our future. How can you do that effectively? We spoke with Corbie Mitleid about how to clean out your life closet and shape your own story of change.

Corbie is a certified psychic, certified tarot card reader, and a legally ordained minister. She’s gone through three bouts of breast cancer, two divorces, poverty, abuse, and more. But she’s used these experiences to frame how she lives and encourages others to live, as detailed in her recent book, Clean Out Your LifeCloset. Our discussion with her shows that you, too, can surge forward and thrive.

Learn how to write your story of change by listening to our insightful interview with Corbie Mitleid below:

To kick off our podcast, Corbie tells her own story of change, both through her personal turmoils and leading to her mystic career path. It’s an illuminating discussion that sets Corbie’s framework for how to move forward from the past.

How can looking at your history or past experiences be instrumental in shaping your future? How do your personal goals play into this? Corbie walks us through her method, giving listeners advice you can put to action right now.

We then talk about Corbie’s concept of “designing your own toolbox”; what tools do you have, and how can you acquire new ones?

Ultimately, cleaning out your life closet can be positive, joyful, and soul-satisfying. Our discussion with Corbie is enlightening, and she presents ideas and actions you can implement to write your own story of change. Listen to our new podcast above to learn more!

Be sure to connect with Corbie Mitleid at her official website here. You can also learn more about her book, Clean Out Your LifeCloset, here.

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