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How to WOW Your Clients and 10X Your Sales With Transcending Voice

In sales, it’s important to stand above the competition – whether through offering a better product or service, forming a stronger connection with your clients, or better understanding their needs. How can you truly WOW your clients? From there, how can you multiply your sales ten times over? According to Schroeder Nordholt, it starts with transcending voice.

Watch our podcast with Schroeder Nordholt to learn about transcending voice and how it will impact your clients… and your sales:

For the two decades Schroeder Nordholt spent on stage, honing his voice every day, he learned all there is under the sun about vocal techniques, breathing for vocals, and taken dozens of courses. 

Schroeder has spoken on dozens of stages, shared the spotlight with Les Brown and some of the best out there. He has lost my voice and recovered it too many times.

Schroeder has learned how to master one of our greatest assets, our voice the hard way. 

Now, Schroeder has compiled his 20 years of experience in the music industry, countless hours of training, and thousands of dollars spent on mastering his own voice, and his students, into a proven, step-by-step program that 10Xs your confidence, charisma, and persuasion – ultimately 10X-ing your life.

To start our discussion, Schroeder shares what inspired him to get started: how he got into sales, how he honed his method, and how he helps others do the same. He also reveals the process by which he has come to these results and the process you, too, can utilize in your sales.

Like all of us, Schroeder has faced setbacks. He reveals what has held him back and how he’s overcome these obstacles. He also shares the kinds of things that are likely to hold back others and what they can do to avoid those issues or rise above them.

We end our conversation with some actionable tips you can put into place now to drastically increase your sales and wow your clients. It all starts with transcending voice.

Listen to our podcast with Schroeder to discover more about how to up you sales:

To learn more about Schroeder Nordholt, start here or visit his official website here. You can also connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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