Why Entrepreneurship is a Good Life for You, Your Family, Community, & World - Elizabeth Tollis

Why Entrepreneurship is a Good Life for You, Your Family, Community, & World

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea? Do you have what it takes to launch and run your own business? While entrepreneurship can, of course, be an amazing choice for yourself and your own career, it can also be beneficial for those around you: your family, your community, even the world. How can you ensure your business has a positive impact on others? We spoke with Elizabeth Tollis about what it takes to be a great entrepreneur.

Watch our podcast with Elizabeth Tollis to learn how your business can do good for your community:

Elizabeth Tollis founded The Emerald Office to prove that it is possible to live a life that is both Good and Great. 

Through multi-platform content creation and one-on-one coaching of mission-driven entrepreneurs and visionaries, Elizabeth works to help people create lives that are good for their health and happiness and create great impact on the world. 

Her work emphasizes entrepreneurship as the path to intentionally designing a life that is good for you, for your family, for your community, and for the world. 

Her flagship coaching program, Full Focus, combines one-on-one coaching and group training in order to bring entrepreneurs exactly and only what they need in order to build businesses that support the life they want to live. 

Full Focus has members across the United States and Internationally.

Our discussion with Elizabeth starts with her own origins. She talks about her background, how she started The Emerald Office, and why she wants to help entrepreneurs lead good and impactful businesses. Elizabeth then talks about her process for helping others. Hint: It has to do with focus! There are so many shiny distractions out there, and it can be hard to zero in on the right path for you and your business. She helps entrepreneurs focus and prioritize.

Like nearly all of us, Elizabeth has overcome obstacles to get to where she is. Elizabeth talks about the external and internal roadblocks she has faced and what she’s seen her clients grapple with. Distractions are certainly in there! But once you know what to watch out for, you’ll be better equipped to get around it and continue on your path to success.

What can you do right now to ensure your business has positive impact on yourself and your community? Our conversation ends with Elizabeth’s actionable tips to get started.

Listen to our podcast with Elizabeth to find out more about running a successful, impactful business:

To find out more about Elizabeth Tollis and The Emerald Office, visit the official website here. Also check out their Full Focus app here and Full Focus Entrepreneur podcast here. You can keep up with all of The Emerald Office’s latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. And be sure to connect with Elizabeth on LinkedIn, too.

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