How to Think Like a Client to Maximize Sales Success

How to Think Like a Client to Maximize Sales Success

Why client thinking should be the foundation of your sales strategy

Want to end sales chaos and allow yourself to develop a robust strategic plan?

Adopt your client’s perspective and start to think like a paying client.

Client thinking should be the foundation of your sales strategy, as sales is all about connecting with people to provide them a solution to their problems and concerns. Therefore, getting inside their thoughts and putting yourself in their decision-making shoes is crucial as it allows you to deliver value and service.

Sales is all about making an impact on your client’s business, your own business, their personal life, and your personal life. It all trickles down to your teams, employees, and communities. However, to be able to do this, you need to guide your client to a decision.

Worthy Intent

Thinking from the client’s perspective is about worthy intent; it’s not a sleazy manipulation tactic. Having a genuine desire to help and serve others is how you create a positive impact and offer value. Becoming curious about the other person, their business, and what they want, need, or lack gives you a competitive edge and insider knowledge. How can your product or service help them? Why does it matter to them? What will it help them accomplish?

That last part is very important. Your product or service will solve your client’s problem so they can… what? What does your solution free your clients to do or how does it improve their life? By answering this question, you will be able to guide your client to seamlessly and effectively make a decision because you have stepped into their mindset. You’ve tapped into their needs and wants, and you are demonstrating that you offer the solution they’ve been looking for….

Think Like a Client

Client thinking is not a static practice – it’s an evolving and fluid process. Just as your clients’ thoughts evolve and change throughout the client journey, so will the services and/or products they desire. 

It’s up to you to make it a positive journey so they view you as one of their champions. This in turn rewards you with possible referrals, online reviews, testimonials, and more. They will return your positive energy and genuine intentions in more ways than just transactionally creating a solid business relationship. 

Being of service and giving value is what attracts and retains clients. It also attracts and maintains relationships with investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders who are critical to your success over time. To be of service, start with your worthy intent and client thinking, because those are your foundation for everything going forward.

How to Think Like a Client to Maximize Sales Success

You may be thinking, “This is what I have to offer. This is what it does. I’ll do a SWOT analysis and master strategy, figure out how to communicate and message…” However, that falls into the bucket of old-school thinking and has a perilous gap. This has you thinking like a seller, but you need to shift your perspective to the customer.

Instead, think about your product or service, and then consider how you would describe your client. Speak as your client. “I have a problem or concern. This is what it is…” Bringing in a trusted group of people to brainstorm can be a huge bonus at this stage to figure out who your client is and what they want, need, or lack.

Ask Questions

Ask potential clients, interview them, do your research! Talk to seven, 10, or more people; in fact, the more the better. Also try to get a diversity of thought in fishing holes such as Facebook and LinkedIn groups, meetups, and networking events. 

Once you have your people, keep your questions open-ended: “What are your top concerns about X?” Do not try to influence their answers; just let them speak. Record the interview, if possible, so you can watch it back and look for their nonverbal cues, such as when they light up and engage. These are amazing ways to discover their pain points and things that matter to them, and will help you to learn to think more like your customer.

Apply It to Your Sales Strategy

Now that you know how to think like your prospects, apply your client perspective to what you’re doing. Use this as the base to plan your entire sales strategy. It will also help you build connections and rapport, cultivate relationships, and eventually, you will convert those contacts into clients.

For more on how to convert customers seamlessly and grow your business and profits, check out our sales education, expert resources and sales strategy guides here.

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