What Should I say to Boss Who Revealed My Pregnancy Too Soon

What Should I Say to Boss Who Revealed My Pregnancy Too Soon?

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Lynn Whitbeck

I’m currently expecting a child, but not showing yet. I told my manager the news and mentioned that I don’t want anyone in our office to know until I’m ready to tell them myself. However, my manager soon let it slip and now everybody knows about my pregnancy. How do I explain to my manager that this hurt me and may have affected our good relationship? – Brandy in Dallas, Texas


See the good in your manager. She may truly have inadvertently let your pregnancy news out as you have stated. Exhibit your grace and respect by accepting that this was an unfortunate slip. I see no reason to bring this up with your manager, and certainly not with HR. Does your manager tend to over-share? Does she like to spread good news? Maybe she is so excited for you it was too hard to contain.

Think about it. Are you projecting your feelings, insecurities, and fears into this situation? While all of your thoughts are natural, reconsider your perspective. See the big picture relationship with your manager and how you value it and her. You still have a good relationship with your manager, and there is no need to make her feel uncomfortable. Let it go and move forward.

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