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The Boss is Wrong

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Lynn Whitbeck

My boss is wrong but thinks he’s right. How do I tackle this?

Johnnita in Norfolk, VA 


TINA: There are many interpretations to your question. While you may think that your boss is “wrong,” there may be information which you do not have. I suggest that you approach your boss and voice your concern that you believe there may be an alternate solution. Ask to talk through the decision-making process. If you are not in agreement with a decision, it is appropriate for you to inquire as to how the decision was made to help you navigate future discourse.

LYNN: Two things:

  1. Maybe your boss is not wrong and there are just things you do not know. If you’ve seen The Last Jedi, you can connect with this if you remember when Poe was sure Vice Admiral Holdo was wrong as they were chased by the New Order. As it turns out, he did not have all of the information and there was a bigger picture for escape.
  2. If your boss is truly wrong, tread lightly. Most important, know that no one likes to have an error or mistake rubbed in their face. Without knowing any of the particulars or personalities involved, I am very hesitant to provide any concrete direction. I have been in this situation before, and how I responded was absolutely dependent upon the people and situation.
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