How to Unlock More Business & Plant Seeds for the Future

How to Unlock More Business & Plant Seeds for the Future

A few months ago, we were thrilled to feature Christina Lenkowski on our show to learn about guest podcasting. Today, this special guest is back, this time to reveal how you can unlock more business and increase your sales. How can you prepare your business for a strong future in the 2020s? Lynn and Christina share all in our latest episode, helping your business both now and in the coming years.

Watch our new podcast with Christina Lenkowski to learn how to secure more business, both now and in the future:

Christina Lenkowski is a forward-thinking publicity strategist and educator for entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors looking to expand their credibility. Christina demonstrates how to go from “best-kept secret” to “go-to expert” in your industry through being a guest on other people’s podcasts. During her 13 years of PR agency and consulting work, Christina has helped clients earn spots in print publications like Martha Stewart Living, Sunset, Reader’s Digest, and Big Life, and online coverage in and, among others.

Many business owners and sales people will identify with the constant balancing act of managing your current business while also pursuing potential prospects. It’s hard enough to do one right, let alone both! How can you successfully juggle these two vital silos?

Christina shares key ways you can be smarter about filling your sales funnel with leads, helping you both for the short-term and the long-term.

What proven methods does Christina recommend to deliver value and demonstrate generosity? Is this strategy focused only on prospects? Christina offers excellent tips on how to best meet your clients’ – and potential clients’ – needs, as well as how to develop a strong and trusting foundation. Prospects need focused attention and time to become clients, but regardless of the stage, you need to be ready to put in the work.

Christina also examines how storytelling can set you apart and build a connection both with prospects and existing clients. Why is storytelling so effective? Moreover, how you can do so effectively? Christina provides actionable advice on our podcast.

We also get into the nitty-gritty of outreach, too. For example, how many times should you follow up and what should the cadence look like? After offering hard numbers and examples, Christina ends the podcast with the tactics can you leverage to strengthen your existing account relationships.

Discover more about how to plant seeds for future success. Listen to our podcast with Christina below:

Learn more about Christina Lenkowski at her official website here. You also won’t to miss her free resource: get it here! Also, be sure to follow Christina on Instagram for more.

Finally, don’t miss our special master class on how to grow in your guest podcasting.

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