keeping up hope when job prospects don't work out

Keeping Up Hope When Job Prospects Don’t Work Out

Today’s generation faces a tougher job market than any in recent history. Many young women – even those with advanced degrees – are enduring what feels like an endless loop of job applications and interviews. With no clear end in sight, it’s easy to get discouraged. After repeatedly getting rejected for job prospects, how do you keep your hopes up? How do you stave off self-doubt, anxiety, and hopelessness as you continue your job search?

Keeping your mood and confidence high is just part of the issue, though. So, on top of the emotional impact, how can you actually improve your chances of getting hired? What help is out there to get your career going?

Moreover, some applicants may face discrimination in the hiring process, too. How should you deal with being rejected in a male-dominated field?

If you’re feeling lost and discouraged, know that there is help available. Listen to our podcast below for some advice to finally turn your job hunt into mission accomplished!

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