How to Pick Up the Fumble When You Drop the Ball with the Client!

How to Pick Up the Fumble When You Drop the Ball with the Client!

I haven’t talked to a prospect in several months and think I may have dropped the ball. What should I do? How can I pick up my fumble? – Maddie in Ponca City, Oklahoma


Pick up the fumble and run with it. Reach out and check in with your client. Don’t apologize; just initiate your conversation where you left off and provide them with new information about your product or services. Research what’s new in their company or industry and ask them questions. How can you assist them to accomplish a critical objective? Know what you can commit to and don’t forget that you must always do what you say you’ll do.

Remember that everyone gets busy and side-tracked with new projects at work. Your client may not have noticed you haven’t followed up. Even if they did, their world does not revolve around you. Continuing your dialogue – including when there are gaps – is key to establishing a long-term relationship.

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Finally, find a system or process that works for you to stay connected with your prospects. Develop a monthly newsletter with your personal insights of industry trends, or a quarterly best practices infographic. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great idea to mix up your content format. Keep it fresh and relevant. Stay out front, and if you miss a beat, pick up the pace and step back in.


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