Why Your Worthy Intent Builds Strong Lasting Relationships

Why Your Worthy Intent Builds Strong Lasting Relationships

Many women entrepreneurs get too ambitious about turning their prospects into clients and want to start getting sales as soon as possible. Where they miss the clue, however, is that their fastest route to success is to make their prospects and clients feel welcomed. You have to give people the assurance they are important to you and not the sales and the business they can give you. You have to show your worthy intent towards your clients.

In sales, it’s invaluable to show your sincere interest in your clients. You need to build a connection with them at a very personal level. You have to make them feel that you understand their interests, passions, and goals. More importantly, they should realize that you’re sincerely willing to help them with what they want to achieve. This kind of worthy intent will lay the foundation of a strong, lasting relationship.

What Is Worthy Intent?

Worthy intent is your positive attitude towards your clients and what matters to them. It’s the cornerstone of the relational sales approach. If you want to build lasting relationships with your prospects and clients, you must build relational capital with them. It’s all about focusing on what’s important to them and making deeper connections.

To show worthy intent, you need to be genuinely curious about them and their interests. You should encourage them to be expressive and share their thoughts and interests. In the process, you’ll be earning their trust and lay the foundation of a real connection.

Remember, people don’t remember what you said or did. What they actually remember is how you made them feel. So always show respect and make your prospects and clients realize you’re genuinely interested in what matters to them.

Why Is This Important For Building Strong Relationships?

When you approach your clients and prospects with a worthy intent, you’re making an inherent promise to build business relationships based on your prospects’ best interests. It shows your character and earns you the trust of your clients.

Your authenticity and credibility can greatly impact how successful your business relationships are. Therefore, to spark things off, you should start showing interest in the personal and business goals, struggles, and passions of your clients and prospects. Always have a genuine desire to serve your clients, know them closely, understand their issues, and make their agenda yours.

When you take this route and know their interests and passions, you’re able to connect with them at a personal level. This connection allows you to initiate new conversations, share information and content that might be valuable for them, and make them feel that you really care for them and what they want to achieve.

It’s all about showing them that you remembered their interests. You show them that you are invested in them as a person, as another human being. That’s something that makes your bond stronger and lays the foundation of a lasting relationship.

When the relationship establishes, they realize you’re genuinely interested in them, their product and service, or what matters to them. You create a rapport really quickly. Your clients trust you and are willing to do business with you, and the relationship lasts a lifetime.

How Can You Best Demonstrate Your Worthy Intent?

Demonstrating worthy intent is about getting to know your clients better so you can make a contribution to their cause and help them achieve their goals. It’s important that you ask the right questions and be curious about knowing them closely.

Ask them open-ended relationship-building questions that inspire them to share their thoughts and emotional triggers.

When demonstrating worthy intent, you can ask about things like their passions, personal goals for the day or key professional goals, and what’s that one thing that keeps them awake at night.

By showing worthy intent, you can make your clients and prospects comfortable with you. Once they start trusting you, they’ll be more willing than ever to share their thoughts. It will lay the foundation of a strong relationship that will be mutually beneficial for you and your clients and will last a lifetime.

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