How Your Prospects Progress From Spark to Connect to Rapport

How Your Prospects Progress From Spark to Connect to Rapport

Every sale is a journey. As you embark on each one, you must remember that you are guiding your potential client toward their end goal. But if you want them to trust you on this quest, you must progress your relationship from a good first impression to a partnership based on strong rapport.

In this week’s episode of Get More Clients, Superstar Sales Consultant Lynn Whitbeck reveals how you can build hearty relationships with your customers and clients. You can find quality leads and grow your partnerships with worthy intent. By joining Lynn in today’s episode, you will learn your roadmap to creating relationships that last.

By the end of today’s episode, you will know how to

  • Evaluate if your new contact is a qualified lead, or if they are a resource you can support and/or a potential referral partner;
  • Ask discovery questions to learn more about their goals, objectives, and initiatives as you cultivate your relationship; and
  • Position questions help you set the stage to close the sale.

Throughout the sales journey, you must diligently continue to learn everything you can about the individuals and company. In the process, you are able to dig deeper to identify and uncover possibilities for your products and services that the client has not visualized. It goes far beyond the specifications and requirements at the surface of a challenge or objective – it’s finding the perfect fit.

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Watch Lynn reveal the secrets to building a strong relationship with your clients!

Women Business Owners & Entrepreneurs hire Lynn, our number one Sales Consultant to get more clients, because most lack sales confidence, experience, and training. So, Lynn helps transform thinking to the client’s perspective and create lasting impact with a proven strategic plan to grow their business.

 Every week, you will learn methods to:

  • Gain confidence and assurance with worthy intent to guide clients to the sale and create more impact for your clients, your business, and community
  • Build a consistent sales strategy to acquire, convert, and capitalize on every lead to grow your business leveraging proven simple yet highly effective tools
  • Create a strategic sales plan, methodology, and systematic processes, learning to stop wasting your time, energy, and resources

Bottom line, the fastest way to success is to assure people that they matter. The best way to make this happen is to build a consistent sales strategy to acquire, convert, and capitalize on every lead. You will find growing your business is easy and lucrative.

Listen to this episode to find out how to go from spark to connection to rapport with your client relationships!

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More about Lynn Whitbeck, our number one Sales Consultant:

Lynn Whitbeck is the Queen of Sales. Business Owners and entrepreneurs hire Lynn to ignite winning sales teams, because most are chasing down clients, stuck in a chaotic sales cycle, and lacking client retention, conversions, and profits. So, she helps transform thinking to the client’s perspective, end sales chaos with a robust strategic plan to harvest the hidden profits. Bottomline, Lynn will ignite your sales and unleash lasting profits. 

Lynn’s core value is to be of service. It’s what drives her. Every morning she wakes up and says, “there are so many things I get to do today.” Lynn is the Founder and CEO of Petite2Queen, and you may have seen Lynn in USA Today, HuffPost, Chicago Tribune, and more! When she is not working with clients, Lynn loves visiting National Parks, cooking, and playing Pokémon Go.

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