One Important Trick to Maintaining a Growth Mindset When Starting a Business - Sabrina Guler

How to Maintain a Growth Mindset When Starting a Business

Starting a business is a major step, and it takes a lot of hard work, planning, and passion for the project. It’s important to maintain a growth mindset throughout the launch of your new business. Why is that, and how can you achieve this mindset? We spoke with Sabrina Guler, the co-founder of Techvestor, about the value of a growth mindset as an entrepreneur.

Watch our podcast with Sabrina Guler to learn about the growth mindset and starting a business:

Sabrina Guler is a 29-year-old female entrepreneur in the real estate space that co-founded Techvestor, a short-term rental fund that raised $40m in the last 12 months. She worked her way up from not being able to complete her basic education to becoming a successful businesswoman showing determination and hard work pays off. 

Before Techvestor, she worked at Apple in the engineering space as a project manager for the Airpods product line, while helping thousands of people in tech learn about real estate investing. 

Since 2021, she has flipped, designed, and furnished over 65 houses, built Techvestor’s operational infrastructure, and has been nominated for Forbes 30 under 30, 2023.

To begin our discussion, Sabrina shares about her background and her recent meteoric rise. She worked in the engineering space at Apple before pivoting to real estate investing. She co-founded Techvestor and has been nominated for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of 2023. Sabrina knows how to start a business and how important a growth mindset is in that endeavor.

What does it mean to have a growth mindset? It’s all about embracing challenges. You don’t see failures as something that holds you back, but rather as a new opportunity to evolve and create something better. How do you foster a growth mindset in yourself? And moreover, how do you maintain it in the long-term? Sabrina shares her tips on how to exercise this muscle in yourself.

Starting a business comes with all kinds of obstacles and setbacks, and this can really shake that growth mindset. Sabrina offers tips for how to stay optimistic even when things go sideways. Indeed, the growth mindset is what will help you overcome the obstacles that arise.

We end our podcast with Sabrina’s top tips on shifting your paradigm today.

Listen to our podcast with Sabrina for more on the mindset you need for entrepreneurial success:

To learn more, check out Sabrina Guler’s official website for Techvestor. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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