How to Break Free With Energy First When You’re Stuck, No Matter Your Effort - Linda Binns

How to Break Free With Energy First When You’re Stuck, No Matter Your Effort

Many of us reach a point where we feel stuck – in our lives or in our careers. Sometimes we’re in our own way and don’t know how to break free. We spoke with Linda Binns, an energy coach, about how you can go from stuck to unstoppable… how you can thrive and feel free.

Do you want to break free and thrive? Watch our podcast with Linda Binns to learn how:

Linda Binns is an accomplished energy coach, speaker and author. As an introverted, highly sensitive, and empathic person, she understands how difficult it can be to thrive in a world that sees you as being very different.

Women entrepreneurs and professionals hire Linda to transform their energy both professionally and personally, because most are sabotaging themselves, and know there are things holding them back they can’t identify.

Linda helps them cut through the inner confusion and align their energy to achieve the freedom and quality of life they want and deserve.

Bottom line: Linda takes women from stuck to unstoppable.

To begin our discussion, Linda shares a bit about her background and what eventually inspired her to help others – particularly women – in their career advancement. She talks about her career background and the impactful moments that opened her eyes to the need to break free from feeling stuck.

Linda, like most of us, has faced obstacles. Sometimes outside factors get in the way of our success, but sometimes we’re our own roadblock. What do we do when we’re sabotaging ourselves? Linda reveals how she overcome setbacks and how you can, too. She shines a light on the processes that allow women to go from stuck to unstoppable.

How can you break free with energy and zeal? We end our conversation with some of Linda’s actionable tips on setting forth on your own life path.

Listen to our podcast with Linda to find out how you can move forward with gusto:

To find out more about Linda Binns, visit her official website here. Also be sure to get her book, VALUE ME!: Advantages of Being a Highly Sensitive Professional. You can keep up with all of Linda’s latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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