How to Give Yourself Permission to Want More and Become a “Feel-Good Junkie”

How to Give Yourself Permission to Want More and Become a “Feel-Good Junkie”

Many of us are familiar with messages that we should be grateful for what we have, and we may even believe it’s greedy to want too much. But is it fair to limit ourselves just so we avoid rocking the boat? Maybe we actually should want more out of life, should aim higher, and should stop settling for less. We spoke with Julie Scott, a life coach and “feel-good junkie” who wants all of us to give ourselves permission to want more. It’s an inspiring conversation that may push you to reach for a new goal.

Learn how you can think big and become a “feel-good junkie.” Watch our podcast with Julie Scott below:

Julie Scott is a life coach who thrives on helping mature women prioritize their needs and gain confidence so they can stop worrying about “being enough” and start living life. A self-proclaimed “feel-good junkie,” Julie is someone who personally experienced decades of struggling with people-pleasing, over-giving, and low self-esteem, and the end of her marriage was the wake-up call she needed to change her future. By uncovering unhealthy beliefs and patterns, Julie has learned to accept, trust, and love herself, and she’s helped hundreds of other women do the same through her free Facebook group and private and group coaching sessions. She also wrote the book, This Time, It’s About You: A Journey From “No I Can’t” to “Yes I Can!”

With the pandemic and never-ending quarantine, a lot of us feel compelled to “look on the bright side” and focus on what we have instead of what we don’t. This is definitely a good thing to do… to an extent. But it can also make us feel limited and prevent us from going after bigger goals. Julie encourages women to want more. What does she mean by that? How does wanting more improve women’s lives? Our podcast starts with Julie’s explanation.

But many of us are probably thinking: Does wanting more ever lead to guilt? Indeed, with the messages we’ve gotten throughout life, we can feel a bit guilty for wanting too much. Julie describes some of the ways that guilt shows up in women’s lives and the ways it can hold us back.

Sometimes, we strive to keep others happy, even to our own detriment. As Julie discusses here, some of us become people-pleasers, valuing others’ happiness over our own. How can this help us… or hinder us? How does this relate to the guilt we have about wanting more?

Ultimately, we must give ourselves permission to want more. Julie has three methods for achieving this and outlines them here. After listening to this podcast, consider how you can incorporate these methods into your own life and start reaching for the stars.

Once you’ve allowed yourself to want more, you may become what Julie calls a “feel-good junkie.” She details how wanting more led her to seeking out good feelings and how this had such a positive impact on her life. This isn’t about feeling good at the expense of other important values; responsibility and care for others don’t need to go by the wayside. But searching for our own joys will put us on the path to greater happiness, and we’ll then spread that positivity to others. Julie offers ideas on how you can pursue those feel-good moments and experiences.

Near the end of our conversation, Julie describes the value that being a “feel-good junkie” adds to her life and the lives of the women she coaches. Indeed, this mindset has resulted in Julie and her clients letting go of the things holding them back, forging ahead to learn new things, grow in their careers, and more. Imagine how open your life can be by following this mindset. After listening to this podcast, you’ll want to become a feel-good junkie too!

Listen to our podcast with Julie to learn how to aim for more without guilt:

Learn more about Julie Scott at her official website, It’s About Time Baby! There, you can also find book, This Time, It’s About You: A Journey From “No I Can’t” to “Yes I Can!”

Keep up with all the latest from Julie by following her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Also be sure to join Julie’s Facebook group, Confident Women’s Community.

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