How Exploring the World Led to Entrepreneurial Success

How Exploring the World Led to Entrepreneurial Success

Do you love traveling? What if you could turn your passion for exploring the world into a successful career? That’s exactly what Kelly English did when she founded Explore California Travel. After incredible trips around the world, she returned to her original home in the Golden State to create memorable experiences for travelers to California.

In our new podcast interview, Kelly English tells us how she turned a passion for travel into a thriving lifestyle business. It started with Kelly identifying her career goals and where her skills lay. After deciding to make the big leap, Kelly encountered a unique set of hurdles in setting up the travel business, but she shares how she tackled them.

Kelly reveals how running her own dream business has affected her work-life balance and overall satisfaction in life, and shares what she loves most about her job.

Finally, Kelly ends the interview with advice for anyone out there who wants to follow in her footsteps. How can other women start their own lifestyle businesses and achieve success? Kelly imparts her wisdom so people like you can become entrepreneurs.

Podcast - Exploring the World

Do you want to learn how exploring your passions can lead to entrepreneurial success? Listen to our interview with Kelly English below to find out!

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