How to Inspire Advocacy Impact with Heart Centered Music & Story - Rachelle Babler

How to Inspire Advocacy Impact with Heart Centered Music & Story

Music is more powerful than you may realize. It can soundtrack good times, be something you turn to when you’re upset, and drastically alter how you interpret a movie scene. (For real: Horror films rely on spooky vibes soundtracks!) However, music can also be used for bigger movements, like advocacy and societal change.

How would you like to have your story in a customized song? To advocate for something that you want to share with the world to create human impact? Our podcast guest, Rachelle Babler, did this and the outcome was beyond what she could have imagined. She took her “idea” to the TEDx stage last October to share with others the power of advocating through music. She joins us today to talk about advocacy impact through heart centered music.

Watch our podcast with Rachelle Babler to learn how music can make an impact:

Rachelle Babler is a TEDx speaker,  #1 International Best-Selling Co-Author, and Advocate who grew up in Southern California. Being a middle child and Aries, she has always been a bit of a disruptor – in a good way 🙂 – avid explorer, traveler, musician, and creative soul. 

She has had an eclectic background of careers: Paramedic turned Forensic Analyst turned Entrepreneur. After being diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and diving into personal development work, she quit her job cold turkey to pursue her “why” and discovered what that was during a global pandemic. Through meditation and listening to her intuition, she discovered what that was during a global pandemic. 

She is a storytelling strategist supporting clients who want to amplify their voice, message and brand through various media platforms such as the TEDx stage and through music. She loves to support clients who want to create human impact, create movements and advocate for a cause by sharing their most powerful gifts – their stories. 

Rachelle is grateful she took a leap to create a purpose-driven business and to show her two children, Austin and Camryn, that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

Heart-Centered Music

To start our discussion, Rachelle talks about her background in music and her relationship with her sister, Juanita. Rachelle also describes the pain of losing Juanita to colon cancer and how that changed her perspective on what her music could do. Though she was already an advocate in many ways, it became her “why,” opening up a new path to advocacy through music.

Rachelle reveals some of that process: How does she write music to inspire change? How does she share it with the world to have positive impact that is far reaching? Rachelle also shares how listeners can tap into a similar process through advocacy – perhaps through music – of their own.

There may be roadblocks that arise, whether internal doubts or external obstacles. Rachelle describes what she was up against and how she got around it. You, too, can overcome setbacks on your path to a greater calling.

We end our conversation with Rachelle’s advice on how to advocate with creativity and care.

Listen below to learn more about advocacy through music:

To find out more about Rachelle Babler, visit her official website here. You can keep up with all of her latest updates on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Be sure to watch Rachelle’s TEDx talk in where she shares “The Power of Advocating Through Music” and her lyric video for “Fueled By Faith,” made for her late sister.

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