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The Power of Music: How Music Can Comfort, Inspire, and Motivate

Most people love music, and for good reason. It can play a formative role in your teenage years, then be a welcome source of nostalgia as you get older. It helps you learn, makes movies that much more visceral, and creates a soundtrack for the best moments of your life. In our new webinar, we dive into the power of music, and more specifically, how it can comfort, inspire, and motivate us in everyday life.

Watch our webinar below as Amanda, Lynn, and Tina talk about music’s undeniable power:

Although Amanda is the VP of Operations here at Petite2Queen, she’s also a bit of a music aficionado. She earned her Master’s degree in Music Business, has worked in various facets of the music industry, and runs her own music blog, Hidden Jams. Lynn and Tina, likewise, are both music lovers in their own rights.


To kick off the discussion, the trio looks at how music can be a source of comfort. It’s no surprise that music influences our moods; look at how it’s used in movies, for example, or how we reach for certain songs if we’re feeling a strong emotion. While the right tune can act as a form of catharsis, it can also be used to purposefully offset our emotions.

Anyone who remembers being a teenager knows that songs and full albums can be a sort of companion, too. Who understands you better than the lyrics of your favorite songs? As we face different experiences – most obviously, breakups with romantic partners – music can help you feel less alone in what you’re going through.


Beyond those forms of comfort, music is also inspiring. An empowering anthem can really help you in having a great run at the gym. The right song can pump you up before a big presentation. Remember what Jonathan Van Ness said on Season 2 of of Queer Eye reboot: “You are strong, you’re a Kelly Clarkson song, you’ve got this.” Even when it’s not amping you up, though, music is also a great source for creative ideas. It can get your mind working and the juices flowing, allowing you to think more expansively. Classical compositions in particular help us at Petite2Queen!


The right tunes can help you get through a chore or work tasks, be it dishes or working with spreadsheets. Sometimes all the motivation you need is a little sonic stimulation and just enough distraction to keep the task at hand fun. But be careful about mixing music and work. A good playlist can motivate you, but the wrong tunes can actually become a legitimate distraction. Consider whether your musical selections should be instrumental or have lyrics, or whether they should be more uptempo or calm.

Ultimately, music fosters unity among individuals and communities. It’s a great conversation starter and offers wonderful ways to connect with others. Whether they already like the same songs and artists as you, or whether you introduce them to some of your favorites, it can create new forms of connection and understanding. And we could all use a little bit more of that!

Bonus Content: Two Playlists

This webinar comes with two playlists: The calming “Chill Vibes” playlist and the energizing “Get Pumped” playlist. Listen to the moving tunes in each below:

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