Dont Appreciate Fragrance

Don’t Appreciate That Fragrance

Written By:

Lynn Whitbeck

I have allergies to perfume and other fragrances. How can I navigate this scented world? – Connie from Federicton, New Brunswick


TINA & LYNN: Thank you for the question, Connie. For those of us with allergies, many scents can trigger a reaction: perfume, incense, and candles to name a few. We live in a very social world and it is difficult to carry a flag that says “No Fragrance Allowed”!

My suggestion, aside from wearing a face-mask, is to be aware of your surroundings. If you walk through a shopping mall, sidestep the fragrance department. Crowded spaces such as elevators can be especially difficult if you share it with someone who is drowning in aftershave. Consider getting off at another floor and catching the next ride. Going to someone’s home? Ask if they burn incense or scented candles – if you are allergic, you might want to avoid that interaction or share that you have an allergy. You may be surprised that your host or hostess will accommodate your concern by not using those items during your visit.

At the end of the day, if an environment makes us uncomfortable, we typically have the power to influence our surroundings.

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