Help! I Was in a Bike Accident - What Do I Do Next?

Help! I Was in a Bike Accident – What Do I Do Next?

Today I was in a bike accident. I was riding my bicycle in the city where I live, and a car hit me. I brushed if off at the time, but I’m bruised and have a warped bike. Lynn, what do you do if you forgot to get a person’s insurance information after they hit you with their car? Is this just a lost cause? – Sofia in Tucson, Arizona


Sofia, let me get this straight. The car hit you when you were on your bike and left the scene? OMG! Even though you only seem bruised right now, you may want to be checked out by a medical professional. Better to be safe. The most important thing is that you are okay. Your bike can be fixed or replaced.

I am really sorry to hear about this. The person who hit you should not have left the scene without providing all their contact and insurance information. In some states, this could be a felony. Essentially, it sounds to me like a hit-and-run as they did not provide you with all their details.

Here is what I would do now. First, don’t beat yourself up. This was a traumatic event for you. Our brains are on overload and it can be incredibly difficult to think clearly in these situations. You may have forgotten to ask them for their details, but that’s not your fault. I’m sure in the moment it was overwhelming and you were stunned. This was not about what you did not do, so let that part go.

Bike Accident!

Next, return to the scene of the accident. Do this during the daylight. Look around carefully for security cameras. They are ubiquitous these days. There could also be traffic cameras. When you find them, try to identify who they belong to. An example is a local business with a security camera out front. Go in and ask to speak to the owner. Let them know you were in an accident and are hoping their security footage could have captured the incident. Most people are going to want to help you out. If there is footage of the accident, check if the footage reveals the license plate of the vehicle.

Finally, file a report with the police. Do this even if you were not able to obtain security footage or a license plate. It will still be a proactive step and help you move forward. Even if the police decide not to pursue the matter, you have some closure. You did everything you could to resolve. This was scary and I am so glad you were not seriously injured.

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