Are You Really Doomed to Live With Chronic Pain Forever? - Ani Papazyan

Are You Really Doomed to Live With Chronic Pain Forever?

For many of us, pain is a part of our daily lives. People who sit at their desk all day often experience back pain; people who are on their feet all day may have pain in their legs and feet. If you’ve been badly injured or have a health issue, you may develop chronic pain. But are we really doomed to live with chronic pain forever? We spoke with Ani Papazyan about how we can finally live pain-free.

Watch our podcast with Ani Papazyan about eliminating chronic pain:

For the past 27 plus years, Ani Papazyan has been fortunate enough to use her passion of pain relief to help people get back to living pain free again, empowering them with self-help techniques and tools so they can take control of their health and make informed lifestyle choices. She is a believer that prevention is better than cure and no one should learn to live with pain. 

Her thirst for knowledge, finding the root cause of clients’ pain, and creating the most personalized plan led her to add medical massage practitioner, certified nutritionist, and advanced translational nutrigenomics practitioner to her bachelors degree in kinesiology. 

Fun fact about Ani: She played volleyball for the Armenian national team, and was fortunate enough to be chosen to be Janet Jackson’s massage therapist at her 1998-1999 Velvet Rope World Tour.

To begin our conversation, Ani shares about her background in pain relief. She discusses why this is something she cares so deeply about, how she got into this career, and how she helps others prevent, lessen, and eliminate pain.

What process can we all adopt to minimize pain and prevent further damage? Ani talks about the kinds of behaviors that can cause or exacerbate pain (for example, sitting too much) and the movements and lifestyle chances that can help ease such pain. It takes time to form new habits, but it will be worth the effort to live pain-free!

We all face obstacles on our path to recovery. In terms of minimizing chronic pain, it can come from doubt in yourself, difficulty forming new and healthy habits, or getting past external negativity. Ani goes over some of the roadblocks you may face and how to get around them.

Our conversation ends with Ani’s top tips to overcome chronic pain now.

Listen to our podcast with Ani for more on living pain-free:

To learn more, check out Ani Papazyan’s official website for Last Stop 4 Pain. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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