How to Empower Others to Heal From Their Own Chronic Pain and Illness

How to Empower Others to Heal From Their Own Chronic Pain and Illness

The mission of the Future Forward Sales podcast is to provide inspiration and motivation for our audience. We want you to follow their dreams to sales and entrepreneurial success. Each episode features a business leader to share their stories and secrets behind their achievements. Today, we discuss how one woman is working to heal people from their chronic pain and illnesses.

Learn how Loren Boccanfuso uses movement education to help people overcome chronic pain and illness – watch the interview!

Loren Boccanfuso is the co-owner and operator of Canopy Wellness, an online movement studio, where she uses her knowledge in pain, trauma, and movement to help others effectively overcome chronic pain. Over 2 years ago, Loren left her 9 to 5 engineering job to build a life fully aligned with purpose, passion, and service. 

Loren’s passion for helping others has grown over the years and was kindled by her own struggles with chronic pain and illness that followed her since the age of 17. However, it was not until a debilitating back injury at the age of 26 that helped Loren fully align with her purpose. Thanks to this adversity, she grew resilience, found empathy and truly ignited her passion for empowering others to heal from their own chronic pain and illness. 

Today, Loren not only dedicates herself as a movement educator and Bowen Therapist to help her local community, but she also joined the Bowen College team to bring the healing powers of Bowen Therapy all around the world. Because we all know the world needs more healers.

To learn more about Loren and her work, we asked her:

  1. Who she is and what Canopy Wellness does;
  2. What the biggest challenge her clients face is;
  3. Why healing chronic pain and illness is more urgent than ever;
  4. How challenges can cost her clients their ultimate goal of healing
  5. What factors Loren delivers to help her clients succeed;
  6. Why these factors are often a blindspot; and
  7. What one essential action her clients need to take to overcome their biggest challenge.

Listen to this episode to learn how Loren guides her clients to successful healing!

If you want to learn more about Loren and Canopy Wellness, you can find her on LinkedIn and Instagram. You can also check out the Bowen College at their website and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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