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Social Media & My Job Hunt

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Lynn Whitbeck

Many job applications require me to include links to my social profiles, including Facebook and Twitter. I’m not very active on either one anymore. What are they looking for on there, and should I start posting more often, or more of a certain kind of content? Should I be worried about them seeing my wedding photos or political articles I’ve shared in the past? – Beth in Salem, OR 


TINA: Beth, your social media history is available for future employers to review. Bottom line – what you post reflects your interests and bias. While the current generation is interested in transparency, there is a line between sharing and over-sharing with those that do not understand your underlying principles. It is a difficult lesson in this all-consuming, data-driven culture that we have now. Be prepared to address any potential negative impressions during an interview.

LYNN: Beth, reviewing your social media has become the norm of potential employers. There is no need for you to post more often. You always want to consider what you are posting. The key is to maintain compassion and respect in your words and tone of every post. There is no reason to be worried about your previous posts, unless they crossed the line of hate. And to be honest, then you have a lot more to be concerned about.

We have a terrific podcast you can listen to and learn more, “Social Media: Toxic Or Inclusive?”

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