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How To Use The Sales Letter In The 21st Century

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Lynn Whitbeck

Is the sales letter dead? My manager is old-school and wants me to send out letters snail mail to my prospects. Your thoughts? – Debbie in Boston, MA 


LYNN: Debbie, no indeed the sales letter is not dead. It is an effective communication tool when used properly. If it looks like a form letter – dull and boring – it’s likely to be tossed upon the initial glance. With personalized, targeted content and graphics, a sales letter will stand out. Always include a call-to-action, a follow-up commitment from yourself, and a hand-written inscription to add the personal touch. A well-written and designed sales letter is one element of myriad methods to deliver fresh, resonant content.

TINA: I am of the belief that the sales letter is not dead. It may take different forms and have different types of delivery, but the message is consistent. It is a matter of style as to how one engages with their prospects and clients. Some rely solely on email, others rely upon social media platforms such as Facebook. To really stand out, a well-written letter with relevant content is always welcomed. How rare for an envelope to be delivered to a prospect/client. That simple extra step to mail a letter can be a differentiator for you in the long run.


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