How to Break Through Men's Toxic Masculinity to Healthy Habits

How to Break Through Men’s Toxic Masculinity to Healthy Habits

In the past decade, there has been a lot of wonderful discussion around feminism as well as toxic masculinity. Men’s mental health is very important, and it’s finally getting needed attention. We spoke with Kirtideva Peruman about how men can attain better, healthier masculine energy, feel empowered, and turn away from the more toxic side of masculinity.

Watch our podcast with Deva Peruman for more on replacing toxic masculinity with healthier masculine energy:

Kirtideva Peruman (or Deva for short) is originally from the tropical island of Mauritius and currently lives in New Zealand. Deva is a bilingual (French & English) counselor, a holistic life coach, and speaker. 

Within his counseling practice, he is currently working in a non-profit where he works with children, teenagers, individuals, couples, families, and the wider community.  

As a holistic life coach, his purpose is to elevate the masculine energy in a healthy/positive way and to generate empowering and effective changes in men. 

Deva is enthusiastic in helping others to grow emotionally, to speak up with their soul, and to push them to go the extra mile to achieve their dreams. 

His missions also encompass to elevate and empower the healthy masculine energy in at least 500k men (25-40 yrs); awaken the superhero within younger generations (6-12 yrs); to generate powerful changes and finally lead a positive wave of change in parenting younger teenage boys.  

His main research and speaking topic focus on “toxic masculinity” and how to promote healthy masculine energy.  

Deva has participated in Toastmasters, podcasts & summits to share about any topics including drugs, alcohol, toxic behaviour, violence, depression, anxiety, and suicide, all relating to Men’s Mental Health (a topic close to his heart). 

Deva is leading a global awareness around the struggles and challenges men go through the different stages of their lives. 

He loves to engage conversations with others (regardless of gender) around Men’s Mental Health and how we can make this world a kinder place. 

Positive Masculinity

Our conversation begins with Deva’s origin story. He describes how he became a holistic life coach and why he focuses on elevating men and boys. What made him realize how bad toxic masculinity is for men themselves? Why does he want men to adopt healthier habits and a more positive form of masculine energy?

There are myriad internal and external struggles that come with gender expression, and this is certainly true for men. Deva discusses the kinds of messages boys receive growing up, as they become young adults, and further into adulthood. There are norms boys and men are expected to fit into, and a lot of that is ultimately harmful. It’s bad for their own mental health and the health of relationships they have with others.

Deva reveals how he overcame these internal and external struggles, and how he now helps other men do the same. He shares some of his process: what worked for him, and what works for his clients.

We end our conversation with Deva’s tips on how to break away from toxic masculinity now and the positive masculine energy that makes a far better replacement. You or the men in your life can feel better and more empowered.

Listen to our discussion with Deva to reconsider how masculinity serves you:

For a complimentary consultation with Kirtideva Peruman, check his availability here. You can also connect with Deva on LinkedIn.

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