On Top of Job Opportunities Without Upsetting the Boss

On Top of Job Opportunities Without Upsetting the Boss

What should I be doing to stay aware of new job opportunities, and how can that be done without upsetting my current employer? What about posting to job sites? How do I tell my boss I am open to something else without alarming her? – Shannon in Toms River, New Jersey


Shannon, starting with your own company, make it a routine to check out the new job listings. Form connections with colleagues in other departments or business units. Be curious about the projects, job duties, and opportunities. Knowing more about your own company is an asset, and highly unlikely to be perceived as a threat.

Another step is to engage with the professional associations within your industry. Attend events, network, and stay current on industry news. Each connection you make should be nurtured to establish the foundations of a long-term relationship. Leverage LinkedIn to join groups and keep in touch.

It should go without saying to keep your resume current and refine your LinkedIn profile with new skills, certifications, and accomplishments. As the talent pool tightens, be prepared for the recruiter calls and poised to take action when a great opportunity is presented.

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Keep your resume current, keep in touch with friends and classmates via social media, and never work on new job opportunities while you work. Do it away from work, on your own time. Any employer knows that good employees have their resumes and work history uploaded on Indeed.com, LinkedIn, and other job sites. There’s no stigma attached to sharing your work history and accomplishments.

There is a lot you can do in your current position to learn, grow, and move up the ladder. Ask your manager or supervisor for more responsibility or for the chance to take the lead on a major initiative. If you don’t ask, you probably won’t get the chance. Go the extra mile on your work and deliver it on time, or, better yet, early. Be enthusiastic about your role, and desire to learn. It’s infectious.

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