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Interviewing Secrets: How to Rock Your Phone Interviews

Looking for a job? Learn all the most helpful interviewing secrets in our three-part webinar series. In this first installment, HR Executive Sara Hill explains all the insider tips to knock your phone interview out of the park. How should you prepare? How can you deal with the unexpected? Find the answers here. You’ll be a master of phone interviews in no time.

Learn all the secrets you need to know so you can rock your phone interviews below:

First things first: Preparation is key! Sara Hill reveals how you should be preparing for your interviews, from researching the company to reviewing the job description. But this is also about you: What questions will you ask? How will you answer anticipated questions?

A vital step many people miss is practicing. Get used to talking in a clear and consistent manner – this will make it easier for the interviewer to understand you and take notes. It’s also a good idea to invest in a headset with a mic. But be sure to test functionality half an hour in advance so you’ll be fully prepared when the interview starts.

Sara also talks about why your voice is so important here. Indeed, it’s communicating everything during a phone interview – no nonverbal cues to help you out – so you need to make a good impression. One thing that can elevate your speech: powerful pauses.

Webinar - Phone Interviews

Here’s another secret tip: Speaking well during your phone interviews is comparable to singing opera. How? Watch the webinar above to find out!

Sara also notes the importance of letting the interviewer speak. They should lead the conversation, and don’t interrupt them. At the end, be sure to ask questions and express your gratitude.

But what if you have a cold? And how do you answer tricky questions? Sara reveals all in the webinar!

This is just part one of our three-part Interviewing Secrets series. Look out for our tips on virtual and in-person interviews next.

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