Constructive Criticism Difficult Employees

4 Steps to Deliver Constructive Criticism to Difficult Employees

Regardless of how incredible your colleagues are, you will, from time to time, need to deliver them some constructive criticism. How do you do so effectively without getting a defensive or negative reaction? It starts with understanding why an employee is difficult. Does she simply have a different communication or working style? Does he become defensive or angry when receiving criticism? Maybe an employee lacks respect for you as a manger. Understanding why an employee isn’t working to your standards will help you in effecting change.

However, it doesn’t end there. The key to delivering criticism is to make sure you do so constructively. Ask your employee why she goes about work a certain way. Find out what his perspective is and if a change in working environment or workload is needed. Try to find common ground, inspire ownership of their projects, and involve them in important discussions. Be ready to review process and training, but also know how to handle negativity and bullies.

So what are the four steps to deliver constructive criticism to difficult employees? Download our FREE resource PDF below to find out:
Constructive Criticism Infographic
Looking for more tips on sharing constructive criticism? Watch our full webinar below for all of our advice:
How to Deliver Constructive Criticism to Difficult Employees
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