Social Life Beyond Work

How Do I Build a Social Life Beyond Work?

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Lynn Whitbeck

I am struggling to find a social life outside of work; where do I start? – Allysen in Chapel Hill, SC 


TINA: It is very easy for us to get entangled with work events and forget about taking time for ourselves! Many times, we can be fooled that networking events and client dinners are part of a social life. While that is partly true, it is important to have outside interests. What makes you happy – music, reading, hiking? With whom to do you enjoy spending time? Those are a couple of places to start – engage with an activity that makes you happy and you will meet like people that might expand your network. Spend time with people that you enjoy being around and it will lift your spirits. It can take time to retrain ourselves to stop and smell the roses. Breathe – smile – repeat.

LYNN: Allysen, what are you interested in? What would you like to learn or try? Check out events, classes, and activities in your local community. Pick one or two things to start. Keep trying new things until you find a few activities that inspire you and feed your soul. You will meet new people and make friends along the way. Have fun!

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