Why the Solutions You Need to Leave Toxic Traits Are Within You - Stacy Bahrenfuss

Why the Solutions You Need to Leave Toxic Traits Are Within You

What is holding you back? For many of us, even after great achievements, we can be our own worst enemies. It can be difficult to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotage. We spoke with Stacy Bahrenfuss about how to identify your toxic traits and leave them behind for good.

Watch our podcast with Stacy Bahrenfuss about how to eliminate your toxic traits:

Stacy Bahrenfuss helps women leaders who have achieved massive results externally that feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled claim their power and happiness. 

Founder of the Truth Teachers, Stacy is on a mission to reveal what disconnects you even after you have achieved massive results externally. 

Experts in dealing with the root instead of the symptom, and eradicating struggle for their clients, the Truth Teachers specialize in being a vessel to accelerate transformation. 

They believe that you can create anything that you set your mind to when you remove self sabotage and create from fulfillment.

We start our conversation with Stacy’s background and what led her to helping women find fulfillment. What early interests, skills, and work experiences led her to founding The Truth Teachers? Stacy explains how she helps her clients transform.

Most of us are familiar with the negative self-talk and forms of self-sabotage we engage in. We know it’s wrong, but we don’t know how to get out of our own way. How can we overcome these obstacles, especially the internal ones?

Stacy shares her process for identifying toxic traits and working to eliminate them. We all have what it takes within us to treat ourselves better. With the right guidance, we can transform our thinking and our actions to better serve us.

We end our conversation with Stacy’s top tips for looking inside yourself and making the shift towards the better.

Listen to our podcast with Stacy for more on overcoming self-sabotage:

To learn more, check out Stacy Bahrenfuss’s official website for The Truth Teachers. Be sure to also utilize their 5-minute meditation here. You can also connect with Stacy on LinkedIn and follow The Truth Teachers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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