Destined To Become

What are You Destined to Become?

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” It sounds so simple, yet it also means that who you become is up to you. It all depends on the choices you make each day. How realistic is this concept of self-determination? How does it play out in your everyday life?

In contrast to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s beliefs, it’s also worth pointing out that we don’t live in a bubble. Things out of our control can and do affect us. What outside forces impact your ability to stay true to your choices?

And when all is said and done, we are not static. How do you continue to evolve, or even completely change direction?

With varied perspectives from Lynn, Tina, and Rachel, our podcast below dives into these expansive ideas. Listen below, and then share your thoughts on this subject in the comments.

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