How to Identify New Profit Opportunities and Ways to Save $ - Salim Omar

How to Identify New Profit Opportunities and Ways to Save $

One of the toughest aspects of being a small business owner is keeping your finances in order, both in terms of increasing revenue and cutting costs. Many struggle to find new profit opportunities and aren’t even aware of the many ways to save money. We spoke with Salim Omar, a CPA who helps small businesses attain financial health and security. He offers his advice on important money matters in our latest podcast.

Watch our interview with Salim Omar to learn about the profit opportunities you should consider:

Salim Omar is the rare accountant who guarantees success to clients who follow his advice. As one of the top CPAs in the country, he believes small businesses are the foundation of our economy. Salim has dedicated his practice to helping clients attain financial health and security through his services. 

With this mission in mind, he’s been able to build one of the most successful and respected firms in the country with raving fans.

Salim’s education includes a unique blend of two financially based accreditations: a Master’s degree in accounting and a Certified Public Accountant. His professional background includes experience as a former Chief Financial Officer and, for the last 26 years, as a small-business owner. 

Salim is author of the popular book, Straight Talk About Small Business Success In New Jersey. His articles appear in publications around the country, including prestigious industry publications such as Accounting Today and The CPA Journal. 

Salim’s passion to help small-business owners succeed – and his personal business success – makes him a much-in-demand speaker, panelist, writer, and advisor.

Our conversation kicks off with Salim’s background: how he became an accountant, why his mission is to lift up small businesses, and how helps people through Straight Talk CPAs, his books, and his public appearances. Salim shares his passion for improving small businesses’ finances and paths forward.

What is Salim’s process for helping small businesses? He describes some of his most impactful assessments here. One is in finding new profit opportunities, thinking outside the box, and adding revenue streams. He also helps his clients consider ways to cut costs or save money. Both are vital for keeping a business in good financial standing.

However, there are always roadblocks along the way. Salim discusses some of the internal and external obstacles he sees clients facing most often. He also shares how he helps clients overcome those setbacks.

We end our conversation with some actions you can take now to find new profit opportunities and save money in your small business.

Listen to our podcast with Salim for more about saving money in your business:

To learn more, check out Salim’s official website. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

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