Women Negotiating Raises

How Women Can Gain Confidence in Negotiating Raises

Negotiating raises can be difficult or even scary for a lot of people, but it seems especially so for women. Why are so many women reluctant or even afraid to ask for a raise? How can we overcome these feelings?

We could have an entire discussion about how societal norms can harm a woman’s confidence and feelings of self-worth. But suffice it to say that by recognizing what’s holding us back, women can make conscious decisions to counteract them. One area we can start: our salary.

What are the best ways to prepare to ask for a raise or promotion? What should you do if other people in your department are getting raises, but you’re not?

Listen to our podcast below for some of our best tips on finding the courage for negotiating raises – and tips on how to actually get those raises! Share your questions and ideas in the comments, too!

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