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How to Achieve Higher Order Thinking For Business Success

Business success can seem elusive. How do you get where you need to be and grow an organization you’re proud of? For Les Postnikoff, the key to unlocking career advancement was higher order thinking. For decades, this helped him develop a fulfilling career, and now he helps others do the same.

Watch our interview with Les Postnikoff to learn all about higher order thinking and how having a growth mindset will transform your business:

Les Postnikoff is a Coach who works with high performers and those who aspire to be high performers. His approach is built on a framework of systematics, higher order thinking and principles of mindset mastery which he uses to introduce new mental models. The mental models help clients think differently, achieve more and live better lives. 

Les’s background includes executive leadership roles with organizations throughout North America and around the world, as well as more than a decade as a business owner. The range of companies he has led or provided guidance for includes Fortune 500 companies, early stage start-ups, publicly listed dot com’s and international technology companies. He served as a Chair for TEC Canada (known as Vistage Worldwide) before launching the Higher Order Thinking program, and still continues with his private practice. Les works with individuals and businesses who are interested in growth, including C-suite executives, small business owners, athletes, business professionals and entrepreneurs.  

By building on his own experiences, Les is able to help clients use a Higher Order Thinking approach to achieve their own version of personal and business success. From humble beginnings on the Canadian prairies, he weaves stories of living as an expat in a war zone, leading international technology companies, owning his own golf course, running ultra-marathons in South Africa, and now managing Parkinson’s Disease by living his own life by design. He thrives by helping others do the same.

Higher Order Thinking

Les has had a wide array of personal and professional experiences. To start our discussion, he divulges how he found his way to becoming a Mindset Mentor. Les describes his early years and the acute curiosity he felt for so many things. With his thirst for knowledge and his eagerness to understand, he came to a transformative new way of thinking: higher order thinking.

What is higher order thinking? How can we achieve a higher order mindset? Les explains both on our podcast, sharing advice on how to hone this new perspective and way of looking at situations. Higher order thinking can be applied in all aspects of life, and is quite helpful in developing your business strategy. Les offers advice specifically on the business side of things during this conversation.

How can higher order thinking dovetail with a growth mindset to achieve more at work? Indeed, the two are closely related. Both will put you in the right frame of mind to see new opportunities and seize them.

Today, Les considers himself to be a Mindset Mentor. We end our podcast with what that means and how he helps his clients.

Listen to our enlightening discussion with Les about higher order thinking and your career:

To find out more about Les Postnikoff, visit his official website here. You can also follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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