Construction Boyfriend

Construction Boyfriend vs. Lawyer Parents

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Lynn Whitbeck

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year, and I’m ready for him to meet my family. The problem is, my boyfriend works in construction, and I’m in a family of lawyers and doctors. I worry they’ll look down on him, or worse, won’t think we should even be together. How should I handle this so everyone gets along and respects each other? – Kathleen in Northbrook, IL 


TINA: Kathleen, I infer from your question that you are an adult. Stand up and be that. If you are happy with this person, if this person allows you to be your best self – why would you care about judgement placed by others? Does your family have monetary control over you? Are you embarrassed by your boyfriend’s position? I would question back to you: Does your boyfriend want to meet your family?

LYNN: Kathleen, have you shared your relationship with your family? Unless you have been secretive, they should already know you are in a wonderful, loving relationship. If you have been open with your family and sharing news about your life, most likely you have been telling them about your boyfriend. They have had the opportunity to get to know him through you and your stories shared. They are probably excited to meet him and looking forward to getting to know him better.

If you have never shared any information regarding your relationship or boyfriend, you need to start now. This is an important aspect of your life, and part of the underlying base of your happiness. Be open and honest with your family when sharing your exciting news. They will be able to look forward to meeting this special person.

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