How to Approach Mental Health Through a Heart-Centered Proactive Lens - Bill Lennan

How to Approach Mental Health Through a Heart-Centered, Proactive Lens

Discussions surrounding mental health have opened up greatly in recent years, and more than ever, people are getting the support and help they need. How can you approach mental health in a way that is heart-centered and proactive? We spoke with Bill Lennan, the founder of HAERT, about his commitment to helping people with mental wellness.

Watch our podcast with Bill Lennan to learn how to have more empathy surrounding mental health:

Bill Lennan is the co-founder of HAERT. HAERT is more than mental health.

Bill and his team teach people the skills and strategies they need to manage stress and anxiety. And to thrive in the chaos of life.

Raised on islands and diversely educated, Bill has always been focused on solving human as well as technical problems.

Over the span of his tech career, he has built products, teams, and solutions for mobile, recruiting, ecommerce, social media, and now education. 

He has helped companies ranging from Google and Walmart to hotels and restaurants.

Building high functioning teams has been fundamental to Bill’s success. 

His team successes are directly attributable to the skills taught in the HAERT™ Curriculum.

To begin our discussion, Bill dives into his background in tech, diverse education, and passion for helping people through compassion. He also explains how and why he co-founded HAERT. How does HAERT help people achieve mental wellness? Bill outlines his process at HAERT. The name stands for Happiness, (self-)Awareness, and Emotional Resilience Training, and indeed, these are the tenants he uses to help people with their mental health.

People struggling with mental health are likely familiar with a range of internal and external obstacles. The effects of anxiety, depression, and more can feel insurmountable at times. Indeed, mental illness affects the way you think, respond to things, and how much energy you have. Furthermore, many people don’t understand mental illness, and they can be unsympathetic and even hostile. That’s why it’s so vital that we all adopt a heart-centered approach when interacting with those affected by mental illness.

Bill ends our podcast with some actionable tips you can take to be more proactive and kind. You never know when someone may be dealing with burnout, anxiety, depression, or another form of mental unwellness.

Listen to our podcast for more about being heart-centered towards mental wellness:

To learn more, check out Bill Lennan’s official website for HAERT. You can also connect with HAERT on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and directly with Bill on LinkedIn and TikTok.

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