Is it Wrong to Take a Vacation Without the Kids?

Is it Really Wrong to Vacation Without the Kids?

My husband wants us to take a vacation without our young children. I’m having a hard time with this – I can’t imagine leaving my kids behind while we travel somewhere exciting. My parents always took us kids with them, and some of my happiest memories are of our family vacations. My friends are all encouraging me to do it, but I feel weird about it. Is it wrong to take a vacation with the kids? Or am I being too close-minded? – Valerie in Fullerton, California


Valerie, the easy answer is no, there’s nothing wrong with your view on this matter. There are many different opinions about taking a vacation without the kids. There is not a right or a wrong answer. It’s about what is best for you as a couple, a family, and as individuals.

Talk to your husband about why a separate vacation is important to him. Draw him out to understand his emotional need. The most important thing is for the two of you to have an honest and open dialogue. You need to share your feelings and thoughts. Most likely, you will find common ground or a compromise and make the decision together. Perhaps try a weekend getaway or choose a family-friendly resort with onsite babysitters?

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Parenting is hard work, and sometimes people just crave a moment to unwind. If that’s how your husband feels, and if that’s why he’d like a parents-only vacation for just the two of you, talk to him about it. With some open, honest discussion, the two of you should be able to reach a compromise that works for both of you.

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