What is Some Kid-Friendly Music the Whole Family Can Enjoy?

What is Some Kid-Friendly Music the Whole Family Can Enjoy?

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Amanda Whitbeck

My toddler loves music, and has been obsessed with the Dora the Explorer soundtrack for months now. I’m happy she likes it, but this children’s music is driving me up the wall! What are some kid-friendly music options I can introduce my young daughter to? How can introduce her to new music that she and I will both enjoy? – Samira in Lafayette, Indiana   


It’s so great that your daughter is already an avid music fan, Samira! Most young children love music – it’s fun, soothing, and a great way to learn about our world. There are plenty of music options available, and you should consider trying out a variety of music styles with your daughter. To start, you can pick between music that’s composed specifically for children, music that’s been adapted from its original format to better appeal to kids, and music that people of all ages can enjoy.

Based on her Dora the Explorer obsession, it sounds like your daughter already likes music composed for kids. She may also like soundtracks from other children’s shows and movies, like Moana, or other original music made for kids. Try out Amy Lee’s album Dream Too Much for music the whole family can enjoy.

If you’d like to listen to some of your own favorite music but in a new way, there’s a whole genre of music dedicated to turning popular hits into lullabies and kid-friendly jams. Check out music from Rockabye Baby – they’ve turned well-known hits from the likes of Metallica, Green Day, and Beyoncé into renditions that are appropriate for your little ones.

Finally, don’t be afraid to introduce your daughter to regular music that adults listen to. The key is to choose music that has inoffensive lyrics (no swearing, for example) and music that isn’t overly complicated (maybe save the progressive jazz a few more years). Most pop, rock, country, hip-hop, and other contemporary music is fine, as long as you screen the lyrics first. You can also try out classical music, musical showtunes, and world music.

Children like a wide variety of music, and it’s actually good for them to hear regular music even from a young age. Furthermore, introducing young children to a range of different genres is great for their developing minds.

Introduce some different styles of music to your daughter and gauge her reaction. Does she like certain styles or musical artists? Does she seem disinterested in or overwhelmed by any of the new music? Pay attention to her reaction and ask her what she thinks.

With a little exploration, the two of you will surely be able to find music you both enjoy together. Rock on!




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