How to Leverage Social Selling in Your New Business Environment - Jamie Shanks

How to Leverage Social Selling in Your New Business Environment

Many businesses have had to pivot and adapt to the changing environment, and it can be a challenge to keep your sales robust. One key to unlock greater success may be social selling. What is that? We spoke with Jamie Shanks about this sales tactic and how to implement it in your business.

Watch our podcast with Jamie Shanks to learn all about social selling and your business:

Jamie Shanks is the CEO of both Pipeline Signals & Sales for Life.  Pipeline Signals is a pioneer in Relationship Signal Intelligence Monitoring, where they monitor and mine your TAM / List of Accounts for Relationship connections, Competitive Intelligence and Compelling Events like job changes. They place that sales intelligence into your CRM as “Reminder Tasks” to buy back your sellers time, allowing your sellers to focus on selling, not researching.  

Sales for Life is the world’s largest Social Selling training program for mid-market and enterprise companies. Sales for Life has trained over 250,000 sales and marketing professionals, in dozens of industries. Jamie’s workshops have been delivered across 6 continents, for brands such as Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Oracle, American Airlines & Intel.

Our podcast starts with Jamie’s origin story and what inspired him to get started. He talks about where he was at in his early 30s and about his goal of starting his own consultancy. However, Jamie met some bumps in the road with that consultant business, nearly reaching bankruptcy. Luckily, Jamie came to the answer he needed: social selling.

Jamie, like so many of us, faced legitimate obstacles on his way to business success. He describes the internal and external factors that became roadblocks, as well as the way he overcame them. Jamie also shares how he helps his clients face obstacles in aiming for better sales.

What is Jamie’s process for success? A large part of it is social selling. Jamie explains what that is here – it’s related to reverse engineering your clients – and outlines how to implement it in your sales strategy.

We end our podcast with Jamie’s top tips to start social selling today.

Are you ready to improve your sales strategy? Listen to our podcast with Jamie to get started:

To learn more, check out Jamie Shanks’s official website for Pipeline Signals. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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