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Lynn Whitbeck

I am new to my firm and concerned about providing all of my client information in their CRM system. Am I just being overly nervous or suspicious? – Melinda in Tarzana, CA 


LYNN: CRMs, or customer relationship management systems, are data pure and simple. They are an effective tool that allows organizations to manage business relationships through associated data and information. There is no need to be nervous or suspicious. This is a normal operating procedure for many companies. It’s facts and figures, not the personal relationships you have developed with your individual clients. CRMs can be very effective tools to manage your sales more effectively. Leverage the tool and grow your business!

TINA: I completely understand your concern. Our client base has been built over years and it can be challenging to determine how much information to share within a system that is shared by many. Many companies utilize CRM systems to track progress of their sales people…if there is interaction occurring, frequency of that interaction and outcomes. It can be a useful tool to identify clients and prospects that may need to be rotated due to lack of movement. It can also be a great tool for you, though, to show progress within your accounts.

I would discuss your concerns with management, for the record. There are privacy settings that might be engaged to limit the view within the accounts listed to management – other sales people may not have access to the full details. If that is not an option, then I would suggest keeping the information that you post conversational – that is, input the information that you might share in a sales meeting. You can provide additional details, as requested, through reports or direct conversation.

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