What Can I Do to Resolve CRM Concerns?

I am new to my firm and concerned about providing all of my client information in their CRM system. Am I just being overly nervous or suspicious? – Melinda in Tarzana, CA 


Understanding how and why we feel about something is a vital part of our internal processes and external actions. This is true in our day-to-day lives, in our career, and in professional sales. When our emotions speak to us, they are revealing our hopes and fears. Tapping into our conscious and unconscious thoughts is a powerful tool to help us make good decisions.

Feelings of anxiety and suspicion may be a reflection of our doubts, or of a deeper survival instinct. When experiencing these feelings, take a step back to consider where they are coming from. What’s really going on? Is it the nagging negative voice in our head? (We all have it.) Or is there something more tangible which is triggering self-preservation? You must identify if your feelings are centered upon the CRM tool, your new company, or if they are from within you.

Mind Map Exercise

Find a quiet and comfortable location for introspection. Be sure to turn off you cell and eliminate any other distractions. Then, give yourself an hour to map your perceptions. Let your mind wander over the situation, and pay attention to your physical responses as you think about each factor.

The Tool

Acknowledge the facts first. CRMs, or customer relationship management systems, are data, pure and simple. They are an effective tool that allows organizations to manage business relationships through associated data and information. For many companies, CRMs are a normal operating procedure. They can be very useful tools to manage your sales more efficiently.

Thinking about the tool itself, does it frighten you to learn how to use it? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with yet another new process to assimilate? Or do you feel your client relationships will be threatened if you use it? Is your fear rooted in the strength, or lack of, in these connections? Is this sense of alarm justified, or is it irrational self-doubt?

Next, pivot from the negative to the positive. How could you leverage this new tool and grow your business? How will the CRM enable you to improve your performance? Pinpoint all the ways it will help you.

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Your Company

Go through the mind mapping exercise with your new organization. Does the company have a good reputation? Do you know of any sales people who have had a bad experience with the organization? Why, and what happened? Are your managers trustworthy and credible? Do you have concerns about their professional ethics? Since you would have gone through this process before you accepted the position, your review will likely go quickly. If there were factors that held you back before eventually accepting the position, explore those in depth.

When you have revisited your path to joining the company, switch gears and focus on the good in the situation. How and why are they honorable people to work with? What career and professional development opportunities will be available to you at the firm? Re-establish why are you excited about this company and the opportunity.

Personal Psyche

Your next part of the mind mapping journey can be the hardest. That’s because you have to bring to light unconscious beliefs that could be holding you back. You have to understand your own “why.” Why do you feel this way? What’s the real reason?

We all have self-limiting beliefs, experience negative thought chatter, and inflict acts of self-sabotage. The bottom line question surrounding your nervousness and suspicions about the CRM tool may be rooted in an underlying fear. Are you afraid you are not worthy of your client’s loyalty? The introspective exercise helps you understand the root cause of your emotions and why they are holding you back. This knowledge allows you to break through the barriers and move forward.

Letting Go

This mind mapping journey is a gift. It provides a framework to understand your feelings about the situation and reveal unconscious thinking. If you recognize that you made a mistake accepting the position from this company due to their shortcomings, then you have the power to choose a new path.

A more likely scenario is that you have identified what’s holding you back emotionally. Self-doubts may be manifesting as negative thought patterns. With this newfound knowledge, you can take action. Dive in and learn everything about the new CRM tool and how you can use it to boost your sales. Be enthusiastic about your new company and team members. Seize the opportunities you are being given to deliver better service and strengthen your client relationships.

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