How to Awaken Your Spark and Enjoy Life

How to Awaken Your Spark and Enjoy Life

Do you ever feel like you’re not being true to yourself, or that you’re moving through each day like a disillusioned zombie? It’s easy to lose the joie de vivre as we face stresses and struggles in everyday life, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We spoke with an intuitive healer and teach named Lana McAra about how to uncover and awaken your inner spark. After listening to our new podcast with her, you’ll be ready to transcend it all and fully enjoy life.

Listen to our interview with Lana McAra below so you can release your inner spark:

Our interview begins with some introspection. You have to know yourself before you can be yourself, so we dive into ways to get to know yourself better.

Unfortunately, self-sabotage is a big part what holds us back. Lana describes how we talk ourselves out of things because of our own self-limiting beliefs, like thinking we’re too dumb or too old to do something. But that’s a cracked mirror, and the reflection we see of ourselves is distorted. So how do you gain clarity and illuminate the distortion of your view? Lana shares her tips here.

How to Awaken Your Spark and Enjoy Life

She also talks about how this new awareness of yourself will lead to making better choices. Sometimes it’s like unmooring a boat: you have to let go of the negative things in your life so you have more room for the positive. This is when you can start to identify what you truly want.

Our discussion ends with the process Lana recommends for you to enjoy all of the things in your life and visualize what that looks like. A large part of it is self-care, because when you nurture yourself, you’ll be in the right mental space to awaken and fan the flames of your spark.

To learn more about Lana McAra, be sure to visit her official website here. You can enjoy her show Now It’s My Turn on Awake TV Network, and get involved in her Facebook group. Look out for her upcoming book, Now It’s My Turn: The New Unstoppable 50+ Woman.

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