What is Workplace Bullying and How Can We Stop It Today? - Deb Falzoi

What is Workplace Bullying and How Can We Stop It Today?

Many of us remember the schoolyard bullies who antagonized fellow classmates when we were younger. But unfortunately, bullying isn’t something that disappears after childhood. Indeed, you may find it in what should be a professional, respectful setting. How can you spot workplace bullying in your office? Moreover, how can you heal from it and, even better, prevent it? We spoke with Deb Falzoi on how to eradicate bullying at work and instead foster an environment that is safe and respectful of all employees.

Watch our podcast with Deb Falzoi to learn the signs of workplace bullying, plus tips on getting rid of it:

Deb Falzoi believes all employees deserve dignity and respect at work for well-being. She helps employees define themselves according to their own values and teach their employers how to get results by focusing on employees’ power. She built a base of more than 10,000 workplace anti-bullying legislation supporters, the largest by state in the nation. Deb has helped hundreds of abused employees understand their abuse situations, discover their self-worth, and learn how to move on from their toxic work cultures. She serves on the board of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition and hosts the “Screw the Hierarchy” podcast.

Let’s start with the most fundamental question: What is workplace bullying or workplace abuse? Deb defines it here, offering tips on how to recognize it in co-workers or leaders within the business. She also describes how it affects workers and organizations, from the micro to the macro. Indeed, bullies in the workplace can have devastating and far-reaching effects on a company, leading to lowered morale and even employee turnover.

On a related note, Deb also explains what mobbing is and we how can recognize it. This is workplace bullying but involves more bullies: It’s when a group bullies an individual. Bullying of any kind is bad and can have very negative psychological effects. However, mobbing can be even worse for the victim.

You may wonder if certain kinds of work cultures are more likely to breed bullying. Deb shares her insights and offers ideas on how to foster a kinder workplace culture. She also shares how victims of workplace bullying can navigate the problem and make a complaint to HR or management. How can the victims begin the healing process? How can the company aid in this healing? Deb explains here.

We end our discussion with what is being done to address workplace bullying. How can organizations, management, and workers stop bullying before it starts? Deb outlines some excellent information and actions you can take in your organization now.

Listen to our conversation with Deb about how to spot and eliminate workplace bullying below:

To learn more about Deb Falzoi and her organization, Dignity Together, visit her official website here. Here you can find her “Screw the Hierarchy” podcast, too. You can also keep up with all her latest updates by following her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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