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What is the Winning Edge to Ensure Career Success?

Regardless of your role, your attitude and willingness to work with others is worth 50% of your position. These two attributes contribute more to the perception of your co-workers, supervisors, and management than any other skill. They give you a winning edge for promotions and leadership opportunities.

Attitude is prevalent in your every action. A positive, enthusiastic attitude encourages and inspires. Your good attitude demonstrates your worthy intent to be authentic, credible, and reliable. Attitude characterizes the foundations of your relationships in the workplace. Constructive attitudes build relational capital and cement your position within an organization.

We all have days when it’s hard to be upbeat, or we are stricken with ennui, but it’s our choice to allow those feelings the upper hand. When you understand how important your attitude is to your career and potential, it’s much easier to choose wisely and reap the rewards. Find something that works for you to get that smile back on your face and the spring back in your step. For me, I say out loud, “it could be worse,” then take a moment to consider that. This really helps me reset my attitude and get back on the positive.

The second attribute, willingness to work with others, means so much more than just working on projects together. This is about finding common ground and flexing your style to form a cohesive and effective team. If you limit yourself to going halfway, that’s as far as you’ll ever go – halfway. This is also not about taking over and doing someone else’s work. A willingness to work with others is a genuine desire to contribute in a meaningful way with your co-workers.

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When you exhibit a willingness to work with others, you check your ego and past accomplishments at the door. Your value to the project and team is not about the past, it’s about the here and now – what you bring to the table. While your expertise will be a contributing factor, your ability to work well with a diverse group and divergent styles plays a greater role in the efficiency and success of the endeavor.

If you have need for improvement when working with others, start by recognizing that your way is not the only way, and that you are not always right. Take a slice of humble pie and be ready and open to receive constructive input from your co-workers. Adjust your preferences so that everyone wins, including yourself. Demonstrating your willingness and ability to work well with others is a big step on the ladder to success.

Start making the changes you need today. The sooner you are on the path, the faster you will be viewed as a role model with strong leadership potential. Be inspiring and guide others to discover their inner force to shine.

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